250 years: Lifespan of the building

Exempel på kvaliteter enligt Living buildings

The Living Building Challenge requires a project to meet 20 specific imperatives within seven performance areas (or “Petals”). For the Bullitt Center, meeting the imperatives included the following:

  • Site: The location supports a pedestrian-, bicycle-, and transit-friendly lifestyle. 
  • Water: Rainwater is collected on the roof, stored in an underground cistern and used throughout the building (once approved by the regulatory authorities).
  • Energy: A solar array generates as much electricity as the building uses (actually 60% more than we used in 2014).
  • Health: The building promotes health for its occupants, with inviting stairways, operable windows and features to promote walking and resource sharing.
  • Materials: The building does not contain “Red List” hazardous materials, including PVC, cadmium, lead, mercury and hormone-mimicking substances, all of which are commonly found in building components.
  • Equity: All workstations are within 30 feet of large operable windows, offering workers access to fresh air and natural daylight.
  • Beauty: Stunning architecture, an innovative photovoltaic array, a green roof and other native plantings, large structural timbers and a revitalized pocket park help beautify the surrounding neighborhood.

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